"A beautiful contradiction. English aristocracy in the body of an eastern martial artist... A butterfly in the body of a killer."

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                                      The X-men

X-men #13 - Brian Wood, Clay Mann

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You Don’t Get Me Twice; a mix for Betsy Braddock, the knife brought to a gun fight, delicate where others are not, an untypical contradiction that will aim for your throat and not your heart (unless you ask nicely). Underestimation and a pretty face are just as much her weapons as the blade slung from one hip. [x]

i. you don’t get me twice; sleigh bells // ii. stop me; natalia kills // iii. one woman army; porcelain black // iv. simply irresistible; charli xcx // v. this is war; ingrid michaelson (saellos aim for the heart remix) // vi. i’m on top; sky ferreria // vii. easy (switch screens); son lux feat. lorde // viii. pilgrim; mø (msmr remix) // ix. gunshot; lykke li // x. waiting game; banks // xi. telepath; crystal castles

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joan watson + the long fuse (1x08)

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Frankly, I was a bit taken aback when I one day logged in on tumblr one day and my followers counter marked 517. I mean, while I am— unlike some roleplayers out there— completely okay with acknoledging that I might be a good writer, I never thought I was that good of a Betsy in first place. But I suppose that if I’ve attracted so many people, I must be doing something right, so this is my way to thank you, all of you wonderful, talented and patient people for helping me to grow both as a person and as a writer, for putting up with my block days and with my moodiness, and for being my friends.


Must be following me (celebration about 500 followers, so yeah.)
You can reblog how many times you like.
Only counts if it reaches at least 27 notes.
Promotion ends on 4/23/14 (which also happens to be Betsy’s birthday)


First Prize: 
64 icons + 64 gifcons of the faceclaim of your choice
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three self-promo graphics ( posted whenever you like )

Second Prize: 
46 icons + 46 gifcons of the faceclaim of your choice
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Because you deserve to know what you’re reblogging this, here are some links with examples of my icons and graphics.

  Happy reblogging, and again, thank you.
          xx Anna

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Cameron Hodge gives the heroes a nasty surprise like a horror movie villain. 

- New Mutants v1 #97

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My sweet Lotus. 

My sweet Ben.

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