"A beautiful contradiction. English aristocracy in the body of an eastern martial artist... A butterfly in the body of a killer."

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            H O M E
            A S K
            S T A R T

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An unlabeled fling, kept under the covers for so long came to light along with the unexpected news that the couple of old friends were expecting a child together. Elizabeth must leave her position as second in command of both the X-Men and the X-Force, in order to do what is best for the baby while Logan fights his own bad expectations about fatherhood.

          Status: 15 weeks

"While baby’s moving a ton on the inside, you might be moving a ton — between the sheets. Now that you’re at 15 weeks, you’re probably feeling very high energy, and that means high libido, too. Your partner isn’t feeling nearly as frisky? That’s totally normal too. Let’s face it, the thought of baby being so close while you two are, um, doing the deed, can freak a guy out. Remind him that baby has no idea what’s going on — and, as long as your OB hasn’t given you any activity restrictions — sex won’t hurt baby or threaten your pregnancy. Of course, you might be dealing with some not-so-sexy pregnancy symptoms during week 15, like nosebleeds, stomach issues and swollen gums, so if you’re not feeling up to sex, it’s completely understandable." via 

                      { notes: the status and info will be updated as the pregnancy
                                    progresses, and it serves as reference for everyone to
                                    know what their muses might deal with;
                                    the tag that actslikeeverybodysdad and myself use for this
                                    AU is ‘v: welcome home' but please feel free to use your
                                    own tag for it— all I ask is to identify it as part of the AU.
                                    if you’d like to be a part of the AU, please contact either
                                    aloneandarmed or actslikeeverybodysdad.

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*shrugs* Don’t really care. Just want em happy.

              ( She rolls her eyes and pauses 
                                 Have you told Daken yet?

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Good, I am glad. *he tilts his head* I assure you, my time is not being wasted. In fact, perhaps you could entertain me for the evening?

( Her eyes go wide for a moment, her lips parting in shock at the bluntness of his request. She had no idea about the proper response to a king’s flirtation, if you could even call it that. ) Your majesty, I’m not that kind of— ( A sigh. ) There are other women who could— ( Another sigh. ) Why me?

time may change me


she had allowed herself to be overtaken by his lips, nearly akin to a spell had she not imagined this very thing so many times in the past, and perhaps it was this that spurned her towards reciprocation; the fact that she wanted to thoroughly understand why she was so intoxicated by him. an eager tongue moved to gain this knowledge, accumulate the taste which caused a moan to spill from kiss-reddened lips, but it was the sound of longing as her hands stole down the front of his chest to trace the grooves that held her fascination so many times before. the moment his hands found the rest of her body however it was like cold water, interesting seeing as how the room suddenly reached a boiling point, but confusion and nervousness caused logan to tear herself away as her fist went careening for his face; an automatic response in conjunction with ‘fight or flight’. 


                          ❝——elliott….what are we doing?❞

and just like that the spell was broken, his hands left her body to wipe the blood dripping from his newly broken nose as he laughed. he couldn’t say he didn’t see this reaction coming from a mile away, because to be fair that’s exactly what Elliott expected as soon as his lips met hers— to be shoved away and take a well deserved hit, for he had trepassed the limits of their relationship.

                   ”Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m bleeding.”

he continues to laugh, wiping the corner of his lip with the heel of his hand and then going on to hold the bridge of his nose and tilt his head back to hold back the bleeding. but with one quick glance at her, he goes quiet. his eyes are apologetic and say more than he’s capable of at the moment— Elliott just wants to forget this happened to avoid any further trouble, but retain the taste of her lips as his new favourite memory.




* 10+ years role play expereince. 7 of which are as Storm.
* perfers paras, but will do one liners.
*mum is 21+ plus
* has skype and will give it out
* mum is finishing up college, but will be on a couple times a week
* mutli verse not multi ship.
* timezone is eastern standard + 6 
* unfortunately does not follow everyone back


* muse is 21+
* indie comic|movie verse STORM
* likes teas and fast food
* loves leading her own team
* happily divorced.

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     I would trust your hunch more than his with this.


        I would trust my hunch more than his with most things, really.
                     Do you want it? ( She offers the sonogram. )

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         I'll need you to be a little more specific than that, dear.

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Like this if you would like to get in on the AU where Betsy and Logan ( actslikeeverybodysdad ) are expecting a child.

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           lady braddock . 
 an honor t’meet you . 

                    Your Majesty,
                    the honour is all mine.
                    Welcome to England,
                    I trust it was a pleasant trip?

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